For Suppliers

No-Tape Industries is promoting the procurement of raw materials from all over the world
and aims to develop with all of our valued partners.

Purchasing Policy

1. Fairness in Trade

We will promote business transactions with all suppliers based on fair and equitable judgments.

2. Building Partnerships

We will build partnerships based on trust with our business partners and aim for mutual prosperity.

3. Maintaining a stable supply system

Based on the recognition that we are a member of social and economic activities, we will strive to provide a stable supply of products in terms of quality, price and delivery.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will comply with relevant laws, regulations, and social norms in our purchasing activities.

5. Management of confidential information

We will strive to maintain the confidentiality of information obtained through our purchasing activities.

For Business Partners

If you have any questions about our new materials or innovative technologies, please contact us.