No-tape Industrial Co., Ltd.

Through our high-quality adhesive technology,
we intend to make our society richer.

The origin of adhesives goes back to the time when humans first began to use tools.

As ages passed, and even though materials have been improved, its “connecting” function has stayed the same.

“You cannot see it, and yet, you cannot live without it.”

Whether it’s for architecture, automobiles, shoes or woodwork…

Whenever you create or mend something, you will always find some kind of adhesive there.

It also has a profound impact on our life.

To build a brighter future and sustain it, it is “connecting” that we are pursuing.

It is our perpetual theme.

By developing high-quality adhesives and connecting various things together,

we will also connect the world. That is one of our main missions for No-Tape Industrial.

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